August 9, 2012

#4 Kate Bush The Hounds of Love

I know everyone has this album in their little lists, but I suppose there is a good reason for it! For the longest time I thought that Kate Bush had only two good songs: The Hounds of Love and This Woman's Work. This album convinced me otherwise. Of course she has quite a few amazing songs outside of this album (The aforementioned Woman's Work -- probably my favorite song of all time, but also: Army Dreamers, Wuthering Heights, Deeper Understanding, The Man With The Child In His Eyes, etc.), so this album was no fluke, she knew what she was doing. But the difference is that she made the decision to do it! -- to take things to the next level, to take matter's into her own hands (programming beats on a Linn drum machine on her own), to strive to find her own sound (thanks in part to the Fairlight CMI). Of all her work this album specifically stands out as a truly cohesive, completed work -- conceptual even.

There's not really any special insight that I can give about this album. Everything that could ever be said about it has already been said so I'll just give it my stamp of approval (for whatever that's worth!) and move on. Please enjoy the wonderful video for The Hounds of Love:


  1. awesome album. I just listened to this on my drive from NY to PA last night. another band I love (that uses mostly hardware gear and lots of vintage Roland) Spleen United, did a great cover of Running Up That Hill from this album. You might enjoy it...and if you have not heard Spleen United check out their first 2 albums.

  2. You know, I used to listen to Spleen United years ago. I really should get back into them. Thanks for the reminder!