July 25, 2012

Top Five Albums

So, my friend David recently suggested that I do a countdown of my top five favorite albums on here. I think that's a great idea. But, just to make it a little more specific I'm just going to do my top five favorite electronic music albums. How does that sound?

David, thanks for the MC-500 disks! They came yesterday. I'm so excited!

(this picture is unrelated)


  1. umm! that's a great idea, it's gonna be interesting :)

    And.. talking about music I'd like to ask you if you know of any electronic music that could sweet the fairy tales magic?

    I don't know if I'm explaining myself very well, but I mean that music that could sweet a snowy image or a winter one, rain or forest or something like that. And that you know it's bringing the magic alive somehow (maybe like Pauline Baynes' drawings do).

  2. @ Tona - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T74frXBpgk

  3. hey, thankyou so much anon :) :)

    though I must confess that I had in mind someting more like this


    (meaning something much more like a melody or smth)

  4. I would recommend We Are The Music Makers by Joy Electric. In my opinion it is the ultimate medieval, synthesizer album. Pure synthesizers and purely arthurian themes.

  5. Thankyou :)

    I'm listening to it right now. thanks!