July 20, 2012

Roland RS-505 Demonstration by Salvatore Valentino

"Demo of a few of the Roland Paraphonic RS-505 synthesizer's sounds... not a musical statement, just sounds. I just finished repairing this for a client."

A few weeks ago I went to a Voltage Control Fair. It was a little market place set up for all those new modular synthesizer companies (mostly the small, euro-rack style modules) to show off their new products. As you'd expect there were strange noises coming from every corner of the building. But that's all there was. There wasn't any music happening! Not one vender thought it important to show off the musicality of his instruments. It was then that I really realized (though I had suspected it for some time) that the world of modular synthesizers has completely swallowed itself. These hobbyists or engineers or whatever they are will tinker with their modular synthesizers for all eternity, and to what end? I don't know. I do hope there are others out there who still care about melodic compositions. Salvatore says this is just a demo and not a musical statement, but I can still hear a little music peeking through the clouds.


  1. I'm sure there are people who still care. It would be too sad if not..

  2. Peeking through the clouds, no pun intended? ;) It does sound wonderful. And I also hear melodic music coming through. I'm hearing these great analog sounds that I've been hearing in my favorite bands over the past decade or so. But the polyphony really helps it sound off much more with feeling.

  3. Oh! And yes, there needs to be more music coming out of these modular builders. I think you did a pretty great job of that when you had one. Do you still have it? I met it once or twice ;) "How I Met Your Modular." I think you can make a new sitcom with a title like that ;)