July 18, 2012

DR-55 Sample Rhythm

I don't know what that cymbal sound is that starts off this rhythm. The DR-55 only has four sounds: Kick, Snare, Rim and Hi-hat.


  1. I love your roland-focused blog. My favorite synths are all Rolands!

    What's your opinion on Korg synths (specifically the Korg Polysix - which I'm looking into purchasing). Do you think it's worth it if I already own a Juno 60?

  2. Thank you. And Yes, Korg has some pretty great stuff! I think they're probably my second favorite brand, especially the Polysix era. I've never played a Polysix, but from what I know of them I would imagine they're better than the Juno series because they have voltage controlled (analog) oscillators. If that sort of thing is important to you, I'd also say the Polysix is probably one of the best priced analog, polyphonic synths around.