June 3, 2012

Roland Juno 106 "Junior" with LFO Triggering

Some people were pretty outraged that this guy chopped his 106 up. Maybe I'm just not so precious about them (digital oscillators aren't very endearing in my opinion), but I think it's kind of cute this way. This effect, switching through the patches rapidly with an LFO, it's interesting but a little underdeveloped. When I was heavily involved with the 106 I used to do something similar, but I'd step through the patches at the same rate as a running sequence, so each note could have it's own unique sound. And sometimes just slight variations of the filter's cutoff frequency or the envelope settings. So rather than just randomly stepping through different sounds, it's more like sequencing the sound of each step as well as the pitch.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting! At one point the ditty he was playing had a little bit of a Polaris influence going (thinking about Moonlight in particular).

    I wonder if they can add an external osc like the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator thing I learned about. I used the MF-102 and my Rogue Moog to give it a sort of "dirty" 3rd osc. Very aggressive sounding. I should have made some industrial music ;-)