May 14, 2012

Summer of '42

Today someone (...a very special someone!) informed me that summer was in full swing back home. It reminded me of the Summer of '42. I found this record in a thrift store about seven years ago. I instantly loved the music, it reminded me a lot of the soundtrack for the old animated version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (a life long obsession).

So then about four or five years ago I found the book, Summer of '42, in the same thrift store. I loved the soundtrack so much that I bought the book right away and loved that too. It's a coming of age story, and doesn't shy away from anything (one of the few books I love that really isn't intended for children)

I think I'm going to finally seek out the film and watch it. It's about time. Anyway, this is my favorite song from the soundtrack, It's the main theme.


  1. Who is the book by?? It sounds really interesting, and I've been looking for a new read for a while :)

  2. The song sounds so mellow and beautiful, I think I may have to track down this book :) !