May 19, 2012

Summer of '42 Cont.

Well, I finally saw the film. It was alright... I certainly didn't like it as much as the book. It's very easy when you're reading the book to put yourself in Hermie's place but when watching the movie you just feel as though you're watching someone experience the most awkward, embarrassing moments of his life. It's not as enjoyable an experience. And the sweet moments from the book didn't seem as potent. I guess these are the usual complaints of someone who prefers a book to a movie.


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  2. Movies that are made from books are always so bad. I can't stand them, the characters are always not accurate or likeable enough and sometimes you can just tell that a movie is made from a book because it is really lumbering and is just too detailed and confusing, or it just doesn't focus on ther right things.

  3. That is probably true most of the time, but there are a hand full of movies from books that I really enjoyed. Watchmen being one. I was a huge fan of the comic book, and I know the movie disappointed a lot of people, but I thought it was spot on.