May 21, 2012

Maps and Things


  1. Love that map.. makes me think about the ones I used to draw. Just some weird imaginary countries..

  2. Tona, I like your map! I also used to love drawing when I was younger. Sometimes I would draw maps, but I don't know if I have any. I like how weathered yours looks, with the burns and all.

    And is that the original Narnia map? I mean like the first ever sketch.

  3. love the blog. i was reading an earlier post that said you had a juno 6 and 106 while growing up, so maybe you can help?

    I have a 6, but am trying to achieve the sound in this vid being played on a 106.

    the guy is playing it around the 2:49 mark. do you know how i could get a similar sound on a juno 6?

    your help would be much appreciated!

  4. Hey, thanks Rogue.. got a fascination with weathered maps (they seem to be more magic) so as a child I burned and made so many things to the paper so it would look like that. :)

    You should look out if you find any of those drawings.. it's a nice surpirse when you remember those imaginary places you used to dream about.

  5. Are you referring to the sound around 2:48 in the video? a sort of tubular bell / xylophone / rhodes sort of sound? I'd say start off with a square wave, with no modulation on it, then adjust the filter cut off and resonance until it self oscillates just a little. and of course very low decay, sustain and release.

    If I were you I wouldn't expect to achieve the exact sound from this video because I don't believe he was actually playing it. His 106 doesn't appear to be turned on, perhaps there is just too much sun light to tell, but the same sound happens again around 4:00 and he's not touching the 106.