May 19, 2012

A Glimpse of the Past

Sorry for the coarse language, I thought this was an interesting read though. 


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Subject: Re: System 100M vs System 700

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>Doesn't Rolandman1 have both a 100m & 700? Hooked up to his TR-929, as I >recall, or was he just bullshitting us?


i'm flattered that you remembered about my system 100 and 700 stuff. actually, i got a phone call from this dealer guy who told me he heard i had some equipment and he convinced me to sell it all to him for $500. just kidding! yeah, i've still got 'em and always will but i've been keeping a low profile since my posts usually go *unappreciated*.

one major difference i mentioned before were the filter modules in the 2 systems. the 100m model 121 has cv control over cutoff but the filter's basically a lpf with a 3 position hpf, like that on the 106. on the other hand, there are at least 2 vcfs on the 700. one has a switchable filter - either lp, bp, or hp (#703d). the other's got JUST a LP, but also has VC resonance (#703g). otherwise, the 2 are a bit similar in function, the 700 does sound a lot fatter to me, but i usually prefer the 100m for smaller sounds anyway. one things for sure - they packed a lot of features in each 100m module. the 700 modules were usually designed for only one function.

as for my not posting sooner, i've kind of gotten wrapped up with making music (yeah, for a change) so i havent had the time i wanted to respond to the initial post on the topic.


ps. the tr-929 thing was just a joke.

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From: (Mike Kent)

Subject: Roland Modulars


>Could you describe the voice architecture of the System-100. I've never >used it, and I'm a bit surprised by the System-700 comparision. (It looks >like a sliver of a 700!)

I recently offered a friend's System-100 for sale. I received several repies asking what it was like, along with the above response. I own and love System-100 and System-100m. I have used System-700 but never owned one (please, anyone want to sell one?) The family resemblance in design (but not appearance) follows through all 3 lines.

The System-100 is the little brother of System-700, both available at the same time (700 about 1976 to 1980, 100 about 1977 to 1980). Sales of both systems was slowing when the the System-100m replaced both in about 1980. The System-100m is similar to the System-700 in power/flexibility, with similar size/cost of System-100. The System-100m name reflects that it follows the System-100 in target market while being somewhat more "m"odular like the expansions of System-700. I don't think the System-100m sounds as good as either of the older systems.

The main console cabinet of the System-700 and all components of the System-100 are hardwired with patch points, similar in concept to the ARP 2600 or Korg MS series. The expansion cabinets for System-700 are not hardwired, they are more seperated modular design. The System-100m is seperated modular design.

I guess sometime I'll get around to writing detailed spec reports for each model. But this is all I have time for while eating lunch here today. Hopefully you can get more details from Music Machines for now.



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.... Wanted: System-700, System-100m, D-50, JD-800 ....

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