April 23, 2012

Recipes From An Old Farmhouse


  1. You never know where you will find her..

  2. hi,

    so I was serching some stuff about Pauline Baynes, and found something that may interest you. I'm posting it here cause it's the lastest post about Pauline Baynes.

    well, I found out that "The Chapin Library administers an important collection of paintings, drawings, and other materials by the distinguished British illustrator Pauline Diana Baynes"

    "The Pauline Baynes archive offers varied opportunities for research and instruction. Prospective illustrators, for example, may examine original works in gouache, pen and ink, and other media"

    Here I leave you the link:


    Could not find out if everyone would be able to look at their archives, but I hope so. There was an exposition too, back in 2009, I don't know if they will hold it again.. maybe.