April 27, 2012

Ivory Tower -- Theatrical Version

I never know how I feel about this movie. There are parts of it that are right down my alley, and then there are parts that I just can't stand. The first time I saw it was in the second grade. I remember my teacher said to me "I just know you're going to love this movie.". I said the same thing to her back then that I'm saying now. I was torn. It was so close to perfect but just not quite. The soundtrack by Klaus Doldinger is undeniable though. A wonderful blend of synthesizers and traditional orchestral instruments.

This piece, supposedly by Giorgio Moroder (I have my doubts about that!) wasn't on the movie's official soundtrack but it did play in the film. Always loved this song....


  1. I always liked the movie. Have it on DVD, though I haven't watched it in a while.

    Only thing scarier than Falcor is his gawking, disembodied head...

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  3. yeah I think I saw this when i was pretty young because I didn't really understand it but i actually found it pretty scary and disturbing. Maybe I would like it now but I found it kind of ugly -like that creature! I really think fantasy films should be really beautiful, and should resemble things from the real world, and be really natural, and just enhance things from the real world.

  4. um...where did you get this audio file from? i'd love to have it for myself. :)