April 25, 2012

Going Away

I don't know if I've really said so but the truth is that I don't like very much electronic music. I love the possibilities that electronic music present us with and what I imagine to hear when I close my eyes. I'm really hopeful for the future, I believe the best is yet to come! But of all that has been made thus far -- I'm not very keen on any of it. Anything reminiscent of Vince Clark I can't stand. Taking away the beautiful space around a sound (reverb) and having these pure electronic tones going straight into your ears makes me feel sick to my stomach.

That very thing happened to me today. Listening to Boards of Canada (a band I know I'm meant to like but I just can't get into) and a long drive up north was a particularly sickening combination. Once again I switched over to the Innocence Mission and instantly felt better. The song Going Away felt particularly appropriate for today. How long until an electronic song is made with this much humanity?

There is a line that says "Some other time I wouldn't care so much about being understood as I do now". It's one of my favorites. Why is it so important to feel understood? I don't know. Sometimes I feel like it is the most important thing, and other times I don't think it's so important at all. In my old age I think i've settled on thinking it is important but only on a small scale.


  1. It's true, though I don't share quite your detest for Vince Clark. I admit that I listen to that sort in a moment of weakness. But on the whole, I want my electronic music to sound like it came from a human, not from a hopped up typewriter.

  2. boards of canada just suck. finally someone willing to admit it.

  3. That last paragraph...wow. I haven't come to the point where I've...become ok about never being understood I guess? It is at the same time depressing and uplifting that I might come to a point in my life where being understood is "important but only on a small scale."