March 22, 2012

The Wood Between The Worlds

I was setting up my new MIDI patch bay a couple days ago and I thought: since I have these nice, old fashion MIDI cables (you know, the ones I wrote about a few months back), well, how can I put this? There is a wonderful book called The Magician's Nephew, it's one of my favorites. In the book there are yellow and green magic rings that can transport you out of this world and into a wood between words. The yellow rings take you to the wood and the green ones take you out. So I thought I would use my yellow MIDI cables to take me to the patch bay (the proverbial "wood", if you will) and the green to take me out. Just like in the story!

The Sequencer going in and out is a Roland MSQ-700. The patch bay is a
360 Systems Midi Patcher. Roland's offering (the A-880) didn't seem quit adequate, or at least not as aesthetically pleasing. That makes the 360 Systems Patcher the third non-Roland item in my studio, along with the Garfield Electronics Mini Doc (also pictured above), and a TASCAM computer interface. What's the world coming to these days?

Amendment: I also have a TASCAM cassette recorder.
I forgot about that. There are four items.

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