March 13, 2012

With Synthesizers at Night

This is a lovely drawing that one of my readers made of me as a kid practicing with a Roland RS-09 at night in my church sanctuary (based on my post Church Synthesizers from a few weeks back). You can see the full picture here:

She also wrote a lovely piece about how magical memories can be and the way we sometimes bend good memories just a little to be even more wonderful than they actually were. I think I have a habit of doing this, a habit that I've probably completely given into at this point. But what's the harm really?

It's also interesting that she just happened to dress me in exactly what I wore most as a teenager: Chuck Taylors, jeans and a black t-shrit.

Thank to Tona for this beautiful picture. It's amazing to see one of my favorite memories come to life after all these years.


  1. Really nice work Tona. Love the little lamp in the upper corner of the original. A great story and a great image to accompany.

  2. there's no harm at all, in fact i think it's better that way.

    I'm so glad you liked it. (and thankyou so much for this lovely post and the nice words) :)

    and Tom, i've got to confess that i'm secretly proud of that little lamp. thanks :)

  3. That is indeed a really beautiful picture