March 4, 2012

Hannah Peel Underpass on Programmable Musicbox

Here we have Hannah Peel in a sensible (but maybe too brightly colored) dress playing that old John Foxx classic on one of her programmable music boxes. I've always liked this song; It has a wonderful, mysterious melody. But I've never liked Foxx's voice (an unpopular opinion I know), so it's nice to be rid of that. Anyway, it's a rainy Sunday in Belgium and this managed to push a few clouds away.

Is using the musicbox a bit like programming an antique sequencer in a way then?

Yes, in that you are using a punch card type of system, resembling early computer techniques when having to give digital instructions. Much like MIDI really.

I’m not sure how they made the card, but for me all the notes on the music box are made using a hole puncher and can take me sometimes a solid 12-18 hours to complete.


  1. I hadn't heard of her before. She has a fantastic voice, and an interesting instrument. I also liked her version of "Tainted Love."

  2. Often when the tools used to create music get to cute it can turn me off. It's about the music and the feeling, not the method. This however, is really nice. The nuances of the sound are quite human. And although I respect Foxx's place in his little corner of music history I'm not much of a fan. But this I could listen to on repeat just to hear that instrument breathe.

  3. Yeah, I've never been much of a fan either, of being cute or John Foxx.