March 15, 2012

Hiroshi Sakaguchi - Music For Planetarium, Roland GR-500

I have a fascination with Planetariums, especial the old fashion kind: the ones that still have that big iron ball with the thousands of pin pricks to make the stars. My earliest memory is a field trip in 8th grade and since then some of my most cherished memories are from planetariums. Sometimes, when I'm alone in a big city I'll make a point to visit the planetarium. There's no better way to feel even more alone than to go into a room with lots of people you don't know and be plunged into the infinity of space.

I don't know much about this piece, Space Theater - Music For Planetarium, but I think it's wonderful. It was made mostly with a Roland GR-500 guitar synthesizer but also a Roland System 100, Korg MS-50 and it looks like there's a Space Echo in there too (how appropriate!). It's sort of Durutti Column-esq and it's a half hour long! Turn off the lights and let your mind drift away...


  1. Now that's discipline. At least 10 mins in before he starts using the toys. It's funny how I've never warmed up to the guitar as an instrument in some ways (other than a simple acoustic which can be perfect). Specifically for ethereal music though I always want to hear a synth or non-guitar acoustic instruments like classical/chamber instruments. Something about the guitar doing anything that's not really simple makes me feel funny. So silly the judgements we make in our heads. If I were a child it wouldn't make a difference. Listening to music like a child, that's kind of where it's at.

  2. Yeah, it can be hard sometimes to listen to music without imposing all the nonsensical rules we make up. Sometimes it's good to have the rules and other times it's fun to throw them out the window.

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