February 13, 2012

Roland Jupiter Narnia

Alright, I'll admit; this is a little far fetched, but if you've been reading for a while you're probably not surprised.

There are some modern notions that The Chronicles of Narnia are based on the seven planets of the medieval solar system. Not sure weather I believe it or not, but if you're interested there are a couple of books about it; The Narnia Code and Planet Narnia. Haven't gotten around to reading either of them but the documentary was interesting enough. Perhaps one day I'll get to those books.

Anyway, what I'm going to do here is compare the Roland Jupiter-8 with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe -- which is supposedly a story constructed around the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest planet, the JP-8 is quite large, but I don't know that LWW is particularly longer than any of the other chronicles. Hindu astrologers called the planet "Guru" which literally means the "Heavy One", indeed -- the first thing I noticed about the JP-8 was how heavy it was. The LWW on the other hand is quite light as far as books go. So, in the category of size and mass this is not a match.

The JP-8 is often referred to as Roland's "flagship" synthesizer and I suppose one would consider LWW the flagship Narnia book (not my personal favorite, but you know…). So in the department of the gratuitous use of the word flagship, we have a match!

In Roman mythology Jupiter was a sky god associated with thunder and lightning and his wife was Juno. I conducted my own experiment of putting a JP-8 in the same room over night with a Roland Juno-6. There was no romantic connection and I didn't really do that.

The final results of this comparison? Inconclusive. Stay tuned, next week we'll be comparing Prince Caspian with the Roland ProMars and The Last Battle with the Saturn-09.


  1. Haha :D I love reading your ramblings. But I mean "rambling" in a good way of course. And I miss TMOT...

  2. well, if you miss TMOT, there is a new show called PIT that might interest you. there are two episodes so far.

  3. Interesting comparison! didn't you link JP-8 to Juno-6? :P just a random thought~ even though I don't know whether these two synthesizers can be linked or not...

  4. Interesting~ didn't you try to link those two synthesizers together?:p just a random thought, even I don't know the two can be linked or not...

  5. PIT... can you provide a link? I searched but couldn't find anything. Well I don't think I did.

    The Narnia-like qualities of these Roland instruments is pretty cool. Can't wait to see the Jupiter-6.

  6. PIT is just it's initials. I haven't put the new show up anywhere yet. I don't know if I will or not. I was thinking about perhaps releasing it on a cassette tape through holiday or something.

  7. Sounds cool... good thing I still have some cassette decks around! Did TMOT ever get released on media? Sorry to derail the topic at hand. TMOT just gets me excited is all.