February 25, 2012

A New Spirit Happening! Ghost Box

I can't believe how little music I post here. Though, I rarely find anything new that I really get excited about (and by new I mean: from within the past five years or so). But I've recently become completely infatuated with the Ghost Box label (http://www.ghostbox.co.uk). They have such a strong concept. I'm new to the whole thing, but I dare say it's the strongest concept I've seen in a label since the legendary Sarah Records. They have such an amazing image and vision for the whole thing.

I'm currently listening to Belbury Polly's From An Ancient Staralbum. By the way: I believe the band's name is a nod to the fictional town of Belbury from C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength. And perhaps the song title The Hidden Door has a similar link?


  1. That was a pretty awesome song -- thanks for the heads-up about this group & label!

  2. I've only heard his latest record, but this track is nice. I'm particularly interested in the music concrete elements and general synthy lofi-ness, and less interested in the semi-funky bass driven psychedelic stuff he's done a bit of. But, it all has character.

    Also, can't go wrong with Penguin Books inspired album art that Ghost Box seems to often be informed by.

    In general though it's interesting to see how much current art is influenced so strongly by the past. I'm more interested in creating something fresh and new, but I guess those ideas aren't mutually exclusive. Borrowing and still making fresh. Some old aesthetics are just so damn fun though, it's hard not to emulate at times. And ultimately, back to the whole "honest" thing..all that really matters.