February 22, 2012

From media@pcnet.comThu Mar 23 10:03:33 1995
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 23:32:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Machine Media
To: "Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)"
Cc: analogue@hyperreal.com
Subject: Changing MC-202 accent modes

> HOW can I access both seperately on my lovey 202 ???
> I thought it is VCA only. I hate this working without manual,
> the only positive thing is that you discover new features even
> after years! :-)

Yep, I think 95% of the 303 owners out there have never put it in tap
mode :)

" The notes with Accent usualy control the VCA, but it is possible to
control both the VCF and VCA "

Put the thing in play mode. Hold down the shift key. Hit the "accent" key
(cleverly disguised as a C# :) I will then say either "FA" or "A" in the
little LCD display window. It just toggles back and forth
between the two. I don't think you can make it say just "F" though.


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