January 23, 2012

Roland Electronic Music Instruments

Why do I love Roland products? Well, there is a certain precision I hear in them that I don't hear elsewhere. They're also wonderful to work with and esthetically very pleasing. They all have a sort of majestic quality in their tones. Roland synthesizers have almost an organ quality about them. It's hard to explain. Maybe Roland, more than most companies at the time were more concerned with musicality or the musician's needs (don't even get me started on Buchla!), always advocating polyphony, having delays on LFOs and things like that. But I do think that this quality that worked so well for them at the beginning, was probably their downfall. Because the products they make these days pale in comparison to their former glory. But I don't dwell on this. These modern products have nothing to do with me and i can ignore them easy enough. Nothing gold stays….

1 comment:

  1. I like the general thinness and zappy, plasticky nature of classic Roland synthesizers. Unlike Moogs, it's like they're designed for complex layering and precise, intricate sounds instead of obese sledgehammers of tone.