January 20, 2012

Meant To Be Together

Of course my two favorite instruments of all time were made for one another. The organ and string machine (RS-09) was the first keyboard I ever owned; a gift from my Mother. I had a hunch all through my teenage years that the SH-09 synthesizer was it's long lost companion. Then about seven or eight years ago I acquired the SH-09, bringing them together at last. This is how they interface:

And this is their marriage certificate:

I'll explain latter where the CSQ-100 sequencer fits into all this.
Third Wheel or beloved family member? You decide!


  1. Thanks for the info! I just got a SH09 2 months ago, and found a RS09 a few weeks ago. I didn't know they are made for each other. I was even intended to modify the RS09 since its shortage of the filter and LFO section. I have hook them up last night since I saw your post here, and I am totally being blown away about the magic this 2 brothers can made. Now it sounds like a gigantic organic poly synth that costs lots of $$$$. I couldn't stop playing them for hours.

    Please tell me how the CSQ-100 work with them, I am thinking of midifying the RS09 since it is a real trippy space machine.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you've made this discovery! They do work so well together. I would urge you though not to modify your RS-09. It is such a perfect keyboard as is, and I think a lot of it's magic is in it's subtlety.

    I will write about the CSQ very soon.