January 3, 2012

The Fairlight CMI and Sampling in General

Recently, I've become really interested in sampled sounds. I'll admit I'm rather ignorant on the subject, I just enjoy hearing them now and again. I've been so in my own world of analog synthesis for so long that it is really refreshing for me to go back and listen to those two House of Wires albums, or listening to The Hounds of Love and imagining Kate Bush slamming doors and sampling it to create the percussion. From reading this interview of Kate from Keyboard Magazine in 1985 I think she had about the same sort of elementary, practical understanding of it as I do:

"I think I've always enjoyed synthesizers...I found them very interesting, but I never really enjoyed all the sounds. And what really gets me about the Fairlight is that any sound becomes musical. You can actually control any sound you want by sampling it in, and then being able to play it. I mean obviously, it doesn't always sound great, but the amount of potential exploration you have there with sounds is never-ending, and it's fabulous."

Read the full interview here: http://gaffa.org/reaching/i85_key.html

And for more information and the history of The Fairlight: http://www.ghservices.com/gregh/fairligh/

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