January 18, 2012

Different Ways of Doing Things

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  1. Electronic music has really evolved over the years. I have a bunch of the older Doctor Who soundtracks (Delia Derbyshire did some of the music including the original theme), and in one of them they mention a bit about how they went about making electronic music in the '60s:

    "For us there were no synthesizers, no computers, no samplers; just a few oscillators, crude filters, aged tape recorders, razor blades, miles of recording tape, an ancient microphone and a collection of noise producing old junk -- the piano frame rescued from the junk heap and liberated from its case, metal lamp shades, a burst copper hot water cylinder, empty bottles of all sizes and shapes, mad ideas and lots of laughs. It was hard work with many sleepless nights but it was fun!"
    - Brian Hodgson