January 7, 2012



  1. Book of Discipline, looks like something I should read.

    Nice find on the Roland books. Are they heavy on the technical side? Like you read the first paragraph and you have a headache.

  2. Funny you should bring that up, I just got the New York Book of Discipline today. I already had it on my kindle, but I thought getting a physical copy as well was probably a good idea.

    As far as those roland books go... they can be rather dense and sometimes not completely relevant. For example; in Multichannel Recording For Electronic Music, most of the methods they're talking about are supposing that you're recording to tape. Things are quite different if you're using computers. But, they do get the gears in my head turning and that can't be a bad thing.

    The thing is, these Quaker books and these Roland books sort of serve the same purpose, just one is for my spiritual life and on is for my physical life.