January 13, 2012


Today, while taking down our Christmas tree, I broke one of my favorite little bulbs. It was sad because it fell from my hands, through the tree, and landed on the floor making that sound that precious little glass things make right when they break. It was special because someone special gave it to me. It makes the surviving bulbs that much more special.

I'm sad to see Christmas go, today was the last day (according to some hearsay about scandinavian traditions). This was the best Christmas I've had in years but I'm excited for future Christmases, which hold the promise of even more merriment!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in my old fashion (no electricity) Christmas party. Hopefully this will become our yearly tradition.


  1. Hi, I did not know where to post this, but going through my vacation's photos I've found something that I actually pictured because of Mild Slopes, I thought it was wonderful and thought that maybe you'd enjoy it.

    So here they are:




    Those (if I remember well) are pieces of an old special Christmas collection that was exposed at the Delft's porcelain factory. There were a lot more of this wonderful drawings, I just thought that maybe you would like them.

  2. Oh, those are lovely! I especially like the first one.

  3. I'm glad you liked them :)