December 21, 2011

Today, It All Came Together.

It took me a while but today I got everything synced up. Cubase sending a MIDI signal to my MSQ-700 which is controlling my TR-808 which is triggering my CSQ-600 which is sequencing my SH-09. Thank goodness!

By the way, this diagram is not how I did it, it isn't a legitimate visual aid, it's just a nice picture. In my life, the MSQ is going to that 808 sync DIN input. And the trigger AC is controlling the steps of the CSQ. I must say, besides all the other reasons the MSQ-700 is amazing, that it's able to connect MIDI with Roland sync devices is such a bonus!

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  1. Mine is currently Logic sending a master MIDI signal to a korg KMS-30, which converts it to DIN for both a TR-606 (which steps a DotCom Q-119 sequencer through its stages and steps a Juno 6's arpeggiator through its stages), and an MC-202, which sequences a DotCom modular on its second channel. After writing that, I need a nap.