December 15, 2011

Eric Persing and S Series Samplers

I was reading an interview of Eric Persing, who was Chief Sound Designer/consultant to Roland Japan in the 80's, and he said about Ikutaro Kakehashi: "I've always thought of him as the "Walt Disney" of synthesizers". I would have to agree.

Here is a photo of Eric introducing the S-50 sampling keyboard in 1986, at a NAM show I suppose:
I'm very intrigued by the Roland S series of samplers. As far as I can figure, if you get a compatible mouse (they are rare, but I did find one… so, I have that ready to go) or the DT-100 tablet and you hook it up to a video monitor you basically have a fairlight type system for a fraction of the price! As a side note; there is a Roland DG computer monitor in both of these pictures. I've been keeping my eye out for one for almost a year now with no sign. But I am still hopeful.
And if you're interested in reading that interview (it is quite good), here it is:

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