December 26, 2011

Data Cassettes

Data Cassettes have always intrigued me; storing digital data on analog, magnetic tape, seems like it should be impossible! I've had enough devices that support them but I've never bothered to make one. They always seemed like a pain to make and use. Why not just reprogram a sequence into your MSQ-700 or a new sound into your Juno-106? Isn't that more fun anyway? I'm sure if i did ever get around to making one I'd be really proud of it, and make cover art for it and all that. But I doubt that will ever happen. Never say never.

And, these days, can't you use an MP3 like a data cassette? You can right? I think I read that somewhere. Surely.

1 comment:

  1. I have a Casio RZ-1 drum machine, and it can output patterns and stuff onto cassette like that. I also never tried, but thought of the same thing (save as WAV or MP3 and burn them to CD... play them back into the machine to use). It sounds like a computer shrieking out 1s and 0s... blipbleepbleepblipblipblip!