February 27, 2015

Joy Electric Melody Vinyl

This finally arrived, a couple weeks ago actually. I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out. What a record!

Get your copy, while you still can at http://www.plastiqmusiq.com

I saw Ronnie last sunday. Justin Jolley and I were in Ohio for the weekend visiting family and Jon Sonnenberg (who is practically family at this point!), and we decided to drop in on Ronnie at his new church. We talked a bit about some future release ideas. We have some interesting stuff up our sleeve! After that we went back to Jon's place and played a wicked game of scrabble.

February 6, 2015

Morton Subotnick - Butterfly #1

I love the concept of this record. Four pieces played on the Buchla Electric Music Box, each one a different butterfly. I don't think I love the execution though. It doesn't really sound like a butterfly to me. It sounds like a boring, sort of radiophonic drone. When I think of a butterfly I think of frantic motion! 

As with all of Subotnick's stuff, I try to imagine what it must have been like to hear it back when it was released. Probably a bit more exciting. And I don't say that to excuse how boring it is! Just to give some slight perspective, or ideas for a different perspective. I remember when I found a cassette tape of his Silver Apples of the Moon when I was in high school. I was pretty excited about it.  which reminds me, I've been meaning to post Wendy Carlos' review of Silver Apples from Electronic Music Review Magizine. It's a scathing review, but also somehow very nice and complimentary? Only Wendy.

January 28, 2015

Pacific Fast Mail Sound System II

This is one of the most wonderful, interesting, strange things I've ever seen. It's a synthesizer that's only purpose is to imitate train sounds. At first I couldn't understand what this could possibly be for, and I'm still not certain but I suppose it must be for the serious (very serious) model train collector - which, will probably be me and Peter someday. 

Turns out Matrix Synth did a post on this years ago. So, rather than repost their pictures I'll just direct you to said post:

It is so interesting because mixed in with the more common synthesizer parameters such as cutoff, tone, echo and reverb you also have throttle, exhaust, wheel noise and bell.

There's also a module that plays three cassette tapes on a loop called the "Quadratape 3 Player"

January 15, 2015

Ginger Is The New Pumpkin

For years I've been obsessed with pumpkin flavored things. Ice cream, soap, eggnog (yes, there is pumpkin flavored eggnog! Thank goodness.). But the new flavor of the season is ginger. I don't know if it has something to do with my developing adult palate or if it's just a wonderful flavor. There is a ginger breakfast cereal that I just can't get enough of. But anyway, here is a picture of me having a nice cup of ginger tea this afternoon. 

December 26, 2014

Joy Electric - Melody Demo Tapes

Can you believe it? It's pretty crazy that these even exist. They are just so interesting, you can really hear the creative process and the links between Dance House Children and Joy Electric here. And so much TB-303 run amuck!

These songs are a gift from Plastiq Musiq for everyone who ordered the Melody Vinyl. 

artwork by the always brilliant Nathan Schroeder who also designed the covers for Starcadia, The Tick Tock Companion and a few other Joy Electric / Plastiq Musiq releases.