April 24, 2017

Minimoog - PAIA 2700 & 4700

Some guy in the '70s built this Paia system but he really wanted a Moog system, so, he made it look like a Moog.... kind of like a miniature Moog. I think it looks really great! He has it listed on ebay right now.

"I always wanted a Moog 3C so I remade all the front panels to look like the moog with 1/8" alum panels, 1/4" jacks and KnobsI always wanted a Moog 3C so I remade all the front panels to look like the moog with 1/8" alum panels, 1/4" jacks and Knobs"

March 11, 2017

Carousel Of The Planets vs. Anastasia

I feel like all these old Moog records are just so goofy it's hard to get into them - sometimes the goofiness actually hits the perfect note and the song is just wonderful, like with Rick Powell's Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town:

But I think that's pretty rare, and I digress! Usually, when I find an old Moog record the first thing I try to do is find the "pretty song". There isn't always a ballad but there's usually one song that's a bit more wistful than the others, if not still a little ridiculous sounding. On Perry and Kingsley's Kaleidoscopic Vibrations that song is Carousel of the Planets:

The melody of that whistle-y sound reminds me of Once Upon a December from Anastasia. It starts out just the same but then goes in a different direction. I know it seems a little over the top now but when I saw Anastasia in the theater when I was thirteen it felt like a big deal. It's still pretty amazing to me that Don Bluth (Disney's Robin Hood, An American Tail, The Land Before Time) finally made a hit Princess movie - and it really is a Don Bluth Princess movie, so much grittier than Disney's offerings in the Princess Department. 

What am I talking about! Have I lost the plot? Stay tuned to see what happens next!

February 22, 2017

Stargazing Picnic

Tonight we had a stargazing moon picnic in the mountains of Colorado - brightest stars I've seen in years. Brought a little Roland Jupiter-08 with a solar panel powering it (we all took a turn playing it) and clear jello with blue berries mixed in. I saw one very prominent shooting star. I think I may have seen others, but they were so faint I don't know if I imagined them.  

We had red filtered flashlights so not to ruin our sensitive night vision.

Wish Peter could have been there too.

February 10, 2017

Bruce Schwartz

I have to admit, I've never really been into this style of puppetry. It just never quite clicked with me. Today I discovered Bruce Schwartz and it hit me hard! In this piece, he did on the Muppet Show (accompanied by Cleo Laine), a man, or... seemingly gender neutral person, is lamenting their recently departed lover. It's just heartbreaking and by far the most sophisticated thing I've ever seen on this program. 

These days puppetry is a huge part of my life and work. I usually hate puppetry - I hate the way the culture around it has developed, I hate the meaningless discussions and the big personalities. I hate how hardly any real emotion is transmitted. But when I see videos like this, it reminds me of my earliest experiences with the art form and how enchanted I was, and why I'm still chasing that thing today. 

Thank you, Bruce Scwartz. 

February 2, 2017

Through Passages of Time

It's probably my favorite album of 2016 (other than Nostalgia for Infinity by Sound of Ceres of course!). Clay Pipe Music is definitely the latest label I'll be keeping an eye on.